ISEF Participant History

ISEF Participant Award History

1993Mississippi Beach, MS
Rocky Anshutz-BOWessington SpringsThe Effects Of An Acid Environment On Tomato And Other Garden Seeds
Bret Horgan-CHWinnerDe-icers: Their Impact On The Environment And Structural Materials?
1994Birmingham, AL
Ryan Heim-PHWessington SpringsThe Effect Of Particle Size On The Efficiency Of Quicksand
Rocky AnshutzWessington SpringsThe Effects Of An Acid Environment On Tomato And Other Garden Seeds
1995Hamilton Ontario Canada
Kristina Heiberger-BOBridgewaterPlants Response to Methanol
Dawnette Deffenbaugh/Heather Luke-EVKimballWhat Is The Quality Of Your Water?
1996Tuscon, AZ
Andy Farke-ZOArmouA Mesozoic Mess
1st Zoology $3,000; Special Awards: 2nd American Geological Institute Award
Jamie Weigandt-PHMitchellThe Projectile Motion Of Hunting
Nick Koch/Taylor Scott/Jamie VanDenOever-ENStickneySolar Train
1997Louisville, KY
Andy Farke-ZOArmourA Morphometric Analysis Of Torosaurus
1st Zoology $3,000; Special Awards: 2nd American Geological Institute Award, 1st Paleontological Society Award $12,000 ($3,000 annually renewable) scholarship Indiana University
Renae Boschee-PHWessington SpringsDoes The Bounciness Of A Golf Ball Affect The Distance It Will Travel?
Lee Christensen/Katherine Dvorak-EVMitchellThe Effect Of Various SPF Screens
1998Fort Worth, TX
Andy Farke-ZOArmourPruning The Family Tree
1st Zoology $3,000; Special Awards: 1st $5,000 ($1,250 annually renewable) scholarship University of Texas
Craig Schroeder-MAWessington SpringsWhat Is The Volume Of A Dotricontahedron?
Lynsey Eilers/Jolene Thompson-MEWessington SpringsDiseases In Jerauld County
1999Philadelphia, PA
Andy Farke-ZOArmourOntogeny And Functional Morphology Of The Postorbital Horns And Sinus Complex In Triceratops
2nd Zoology $1,500; Special Awards: 3rd $5,000 ($1,250 annually renewable) scholarship University of Texas
Flew to Washignton, DC to be recognized as a Presidential Scholar presented by Pres. Clinton
Jasen Hanisch-ENMontroseHandicap Motorcycle
Brooke Baade/Londa Cope-EVArtesianWater Quality Of The James River
2000Detroit, MI
Ross Coleman-PHWinnerDoes Water Pressure Decrease As Speed Increases?
Craig Schroeder-MAWessington SpringsRandom Circle On Target
3rd Mathematics $1,000; Special Awards: Honorable Mention American Mathematical Society, 1st $73,000 Drexel University
Jody Garry/Stacy Vilhauer-MEMitchellWhat Do You Pass With The Pass?
2001San Jose, CA
Ross Coleman-PHWinnerStability Of Gyroscopes
Craig Schroeder-MAWessington SpringsSoap Hyperfilm
3rd Mathematics $1,000; Special Awards: $3,000 scholarship IN State Univ., $250 American Mathematical Society’s Karl Menger Award, NASA Space Camp all expenses
Darin Kilcoin/Clint Sandness-BOWoonsocketChemical Inhibition Of Germination By Sunflowers
2002Louisville, KY
Adam Leiferman-ENKimballLittle Light~~Big Effect
Special Awards: Honorable Mention Eastman Kodak Company $250, Honorable Mention Optical Society of American subscription
Eric Mullican-MIMitchellRegulation Of Arabinose Operon In Genetrically Engineered E. Coli
Jill Burkinshaw/Matt Price-BEMitchellFlash Effect: Photosensitive Reactions
2003Cleveland, OH
Adam Leiferman-ENKimballDon’t Waster Energy Stopping
3rd Engineering $1,000; Special Awards: $142,000 scholarship Case Western Reserve University + $2,000 yearly research stipend
Ross Coleman-PHWinnerModeling The Dynamics Of A Pneumatic Water Sprayer
4th Physics $500; Special Awards: 2nd $400 American Association of Physics Teachers
Kelly Day/Anne Koupal-EVMitchellFake Baked Worms
3rd Environment $1,000 (shared)
2004Portland, OR
Adam Leiferman-ENKimballRedeem Your Steam
4th Engineering $500
Chris Strand-EVMitchellGassy Weeds
Tyson Bialas/Brett Hohbach-ENMt. VernonShake, Rattle and Roll
2005Phoenix, AZ
Elizabeth Rezack-EVAvonThese Bugs Are Chillin’
$5,000 scholarship per year for four years to OSU College of Engineering
Tanner HentoAvonDoes Bubble Size Affect Recycling Paper?
Trisha Scleich/Terra ToribioMitchellShould You Microwave Plastics?
2006Indianapolis, IN
Jordan Krell-ENPlankintonSmart Seat
4th Engineering $500
Elizabeth Bosworth-EVWhite LakeMaking Methane
4th Environmental $500
Trisha Scleich/Terra Toribio-MEMitchellPlastic Food Containers: An Unsafe Situation
2007Albuquerque, NM
Jordan Krell-ENPlankintonSmart Swim
4th Engineering $500
Victoria Koupal-PSAvonRepelling Insects
4th Plant Sciences $500
Leslie VanGerpen/Hilary VanGerpen-PSAvonHow Does Smoke Affect Seed Germination?
2008Atlanta, GA
Jordan Krell-ENPlankintonSmart Search: A Location Detection System
Governor’s Giant Visions Business Competition $2,500 (one of two)
Nicole DeJong-EVAvonWhat Factors Influence Seed Imbibitions
Honorable Mention@ISWEEP $500
Most Promising Young Scientists in South Dakota's 2009 High School Graduating Class (one of two)
Jerry Farke/Alex Wold-ENArmourAerial Surveillance
4th Air Force Each $1500 + Glass Trophy
2009Reno, NV
Ashley Thelen-MEMitchellDoes Red Wine Every Day Keep The Grey Hair Away?
3rd Medical & Health $1,000
Jennifer Ratzlaff /Victoria Koupal-EVAvonIs Salt Accumulating In The Right Of Way of Highways?
Taylor Kinyon-EV PlankintonKinyon Kapture
2010San Jose, CA
Ashley Thelen-PSMitchellChemical and Environmental Degradation of Oseltamivir Phosphate
3rd Plant Sciences $1,000
1st Air Force Each $3,000, medallion and Crystal Engraved Plague
Taylor Kinyon-EV PlankintonNature’s Electricity
Tayler Doorn/Alexis Olson-ASMitchellGrowth of Mealworms
2011Los Angeles, CA
Alexis Olson-ASMitchellProtein Supplements And Their Effects On Adult And Larval Stages of TenebrioMolitor-Year II
Taylor Kinyon-EVPlankintonUnremitted Energy
Reva/Rhennetta Bork-BEMitchellCan the Use of Colored Overlays Improve Reading Fluency
Chesney Nagel-Non ISEFAvonAre You Sleeping?
Honorable Mention@ISWEEP $500
2012Pittsburg, PA
Justin Krell-EVPlankintonCutting Down Crude: An Ingenious Concept
2nd Engineering $1500
Taylor Kinyon-EVPlankintonSafe Scan
Emily Mudder/Alyson Roth-EVAvonUsing Colorimetry To Monitor Nickel Contamination In Water
Alcoa Foundation $3333
Jackie Ortmeier-Non ISEFMitchellCellulosic Ethanol
Honorable Mention@ISWEEP $500
Lexi Halvorson/Lanae VanGerpen -Non ISEFAvonTwo Year Study Of Carbon Sequestration And The CRP
Honorable Mention@ISWEEP $500
Amanda Reiff -Non ISEFAvonThe Effect Of Diesel Fuel On Elodea Plants
Honorable Mention@Genius $500
Andrea Archambeau/Trinity Twiss-Non ISEFMartyMeals Vs. School Lunch
Honorable Mention@Genius $500
2013Phoenix, AZ
Justin Krell-EEPlankintonHard Hit: Motor Vehicle Concussion Force Impact Detection System
Chesney Nagel/Ariana Oorlog -EMAvonThe Efficiency Of A Hand Pump Bottle
Jacob Reeves/Brant Blaha-EEAvonDeveloping A Heat Exchanger Between A Dryer And Geothermal
2014Los Angeles, CA
Justin Krell-ASPlankintonCow Chips
Julie Boyle-PSAvonEvaluating Effectiveness Of Anthocyaninis As Sunscreen Phase 2
Amanda Reiff/Devin Tolsma-PSAvonOrganic Preventative Measures For Germination Of Musk Thistles
2015Pittsburgh, PA
Madison Hetland-EAMitchellMalignant Micro-beads?
Rachel Blaha-ANAvonAnalyzing The Effectiveness Of De-wormers In Sheep Phase 2
Abbi Patton/Masey Lambert-EGMitchellShake Light
2016Phoenix, AZ
Madison Hetland/Hannah Hetland-ENMitchellAnalyzing The Effects Of House Dust On Growth, Development, And Fat Content In The T. Molitor
Thea Patrick-BMedMitchellWhat’s In The Water? The Link Algae May Have To Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
Alex Rodriguez/Haley Rust-ANMitchellEnvironmentally Safe Solution To Styrofoam Waste
2017Los Angeles, CA
Emma & Noah HeezenPlankintonArtemisia Annua
Thea PatrickMitchellPhytoestrogens, Resveratrol, and Lycopene and A. tumefaciens Induced Tumor
Alex RodriguezMitchellThe Relationship Between Artificial Sugars and Increased Lipid Levels